Beatriz García Fayos

Associate Professor in the Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Department and researcher at the Research Institute for Industrial, Radiophysical and Environmental Safety (ISIRYM) at the. Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV). Chemical Engineering (PhD) and Master in Industrial Wastewater Treatment (AIMME), Master in Industrial Safety and Environment (UPV) and Master in Occupational Risk Prevention (University of Barcelona). Her research began in 2005, joining the “Aquapot Project” on water purification for developing countries. In this project, low-cost solutions are investigated to improve the quality of water intended for human consumption. Initially, she focused on membrane technology, and specifically on Ultrafiltration, carrying out various projects and field applications of the technology developed in Ecuador and Mozambique. Later she focused on her researching in the use of natural coagulants extracted from seeds and specifically on the use of Moringa oleifera, carrying out her doctoral thesis on this topic.  

She was awarded with the extraordinary Doctoral Thesis award as well as the prize for the best UPV thesis and the best thesis in the Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics category awarded by the Social Council of the UPV. Regarding teaching, she teaches various disciplines related to industrial processes, chemical technology, industrial safety and water treatment in the Bachelor and Master degrees in Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering Master degree and in the Master of Occupational Risk Prevention at the UPV.