Juan Grau Olive

Ph.D. Engineering, Industrial Psychologist, Diploma in Marketing, Operational Research, Safety at Work, and various educational techniques

He has been teaching and researching at several Universities such as Madrid (UPM), in Applied Mathematics. He is an expert in mathematical models to aid decision-making and is the author of several books, several chapters in scientific books and more than 50 articles in leading international journals.

He participates in the GASC Research Group and in the Educational Innovation RiskMetrics, of the U.P.M., carrying out projects financed by the European Union and various national and international organizations.

He has worked for 30 years in Telefónica de España and has been Chairman of the PGT Group of the European Conference of Posts and Telecommunications.

Further Juan has been a member of the Organizing Committee of the II National Congress of Telecommunication Engineering and is currently a member of the Spanish Royal Spanish Mathematical Society.

Among the various awards that Juan received, he is Honourable Visitor distinguished by the Catholic University of Cordoba (Argentina).